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I hand built this "custom" head for a friend. Unfortunately, he had to back out so it's up for sale. 20 watts with 2x6V6 JJ tubes. Pretty much our  Boutikit control configuration but instead of the normal hotrodded Marshall tone, this one has a Vox voicing. Sort of a cool mix of hotrod Marshall and Vox together. Tube effects loop. I added a Vox style CUT control on the rear just like an AC 30. The Tolex is a unique "Blackened Tuna" with a black grill. Looks really cool in real life. Includes the solo boost pedal.  Truly a one of a kind, unique look and sound. $1600 including UPS ground in the USA. Email me at if interested.

Made this combo for fun. It looks and sounds fantastic. 20 watts with 2x6V6.  Includes the solo boost pedal. Basically a great sounding combo version of our Boutikit head.  Celestion Classic Lead 80. My personal favorite in a 1x12 open back box.  Beautiful tweed tolex with Oxblood (with stripe) grill cloth.  $1800 including UPS ground in the USA. Email me at

A couple of special amps for sale.