Below is the outline for the class.  If you wish to attend, please contact us through the Contact page and we will send you the actual form to fill in.  The cost for the 20 watt version is $1500. The 50 watt model is $1650. This is the total for the class, all the supplies etc.  This does not include lodging and you need to get yourself there.


     Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to work on or even build your own amp? Where do you begin? How do you find good information? We are offering you a unique opportunity to learn about and actually build your own amp at our Two day amp building seminars. The classes will be held at The Berkley Music Co., 3622 11 Mile Rd., Berkley Michigan 48072. Each class is a two day session on Saturday and Sunday.
      Here’s how it works. When you sign up for a class, you are also purchasing a truly custom amplifier kit.  The finished amp (that you build) is a superb sounding, 20 or 50 watt (your choice), hand wired, Marshall “style” head.  We do not use someone else's kit. This is an original design and can produce beautiful clean to heavily overdriven tones. This amp is not a toy. You will build a truly professional level head that you can actually play and gig with. Each “student” has his/her own work station for the two days. We walk you through the process of building your amp kit a step at a time. You can’t fail because we are there to guide you. We take the fear out of it. You are guaranteed to be rewarded with a great sounding amp head that you built with your own hands and knowledge that you would spend a long time acquiring.
      The requirements for success are simple. It helps to have some basic soldering skill, but even if you’ve never soldered wires before, don’t worry. Many of the previous participants have had no soldering experience at all. Within an hour or two, the fear was gone and they became “soldering fools”. You really don’t need any electronic knowledge (though it doesn’t hurt). You should be somewhat proficient at using basic hand tools (screwdrivers, nutdrivers, pliers etc). That’s it.
     This is a fun and exhilarating 2 days of learning and building. There is a no more gratifying feeling than taking on the challenge and succeeding at building something with your own hands. Understand this will be an intense 2 days. It is imperative that you arrive well rested, and ready to “go for it”. You will see from the following pages it is important that everyone stay focused and arrive on time. The classes we have held in the past have been a fantastic success. They do fill quickly so don’t hesitate too long to sign up. Know that this is not just a bunch of guys (girls) just throwing a paint by numbers kit together and not really gaining any knowledge. This is a truly great learning experience and the knowledge you receive will be invaluable in your "Tone Quest".

Schedule for Saturday_Day 1:
Arrival. Breakfast snacks and coffee. Get acquainted.
Workstation assignments. Get situated and comfortable in your work space.
Check out your kit.
Class officially begins. We will go over how your goal of building the amp will be accomplished. Then you jump right in to building your amp.
Lunch on us.
The rest of the day you will be constructing your amp. Expect to be done by around 8:00PM, unless you are really fast. We will then bench test and play your new amp to make sure everything is working great.
Class dismissed……………….until tomorrow.

Schedule for Sunday_Day 2:
Arrival. Breakfast snacks and coffee.
9:30AM until??
Class begins. This day is spent learning how tube amps work. We will cover the basic circuits that make up the building blocks in your amp. We discuss how tones are created and how you can change them by modifying your amps circuits. Some of those modifications will be demonstrated. The knowledge you gain during this session is invaluable.

    All materials and supplies are provided for you at your individual work station for your use. You are welcome to bring your own favorite tools if you wish though it is not necessary. We supply everything you will need. Also, we have guitars and speakers here for playing your finished amps, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.


Bruce Egnater Amp Building classes

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