We have been offering the classes for over 14 years. In that time, we have met countless interesting folks, made quite a few new friends hopefully helped some to continue on to bigger and better things. This is a fantastic experience for anyone interested in guitar amplifiers either as a hobby or even a potential career. In fact, some of our students have gone on to make careers in the Music business and we would like to think we helped inspire them.  We hope you can attend some day and join our family of amp builders.

Thanks!!   Bruce and  Terri Egnater

Bruce Egnater Amp building Classes

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Build classe announcement:  

We have already had many requests for build classes in 2022. The first class will be on February 26th and 27th. It is still a ways off but we only have four students per class and they do fill quickly. Please use the contact form here or email directly at begnater@aol.com for an official registration form.

Bruce Egnater Amp Building Classes and Kits

Our friend Shawn Tubbs did this wonderful video of the 20 watt class amp. Identical to the one you can build. Thank you Shawn.

Our friend Jamie playing the 50 watt model for the first time at a band rehearsal. Straight in. Guitar, cord and amp, no pedals.

Welcome to ampbuildingclass.com

Our friend Sammy doing his unique style with the amp class amp

The cost for the building class is $1650 for the 20 watt (2x6V6) model or $1800 for the 50 watt (2xEL34) version. Both are identical except for the tubes and transformers. This is the total for everything and you walk out with the amp in the photos. We supply all the parts, tools, head box etc. We even feed you lunch. It does NOT include  travel or lodging costs so you need to get yourself there and find a place to stay. Payment can be made through PayPal, check or MO in the mail or credit card. You must phone to use the credit card at 248-541-9100. Fill out the information on the contact page so we may send you the official registration form or email me at begnater@aol.com. Also, click on the "BUILD CLASS" tab at the top for more information.

There is no secret to building a great amp. Let us show you the way. Amp classes generally fill pretty quickly so don't wait too long.  Regardless of your skill level, you will be successful and walk out with a great amp and a ton of new knowledge. We won't let you fail. Have no fear!